Trinity Lutheran Church traces its beginnings to the Norwegian immigrants who settled around St. Olaf Lake in the early 1850’s. This growing community was served by a number of traveling Lutheran pastors, the most prominent of which was A. J. Muus, who established the LeSueur River congregation in 1861, Trinity’s “mother church.” O.A. Mellby was called in 1872 as the first resident pastor of the congregation.

When the village of New Richland was settled in 1877, the families in town began plans for a church of their own. The New Richland Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Waseca County was organized on January 30, 1881 as a part of the LeSueur River congregation and Pastor Mellby was asked to serve as pastor.

The present church was completed in 1923. The previous church building was sold to the Congregational Church and is now adjacent to Trinity.

In 1952 Trinity voted to become a separate congregation from LeSueur River Church, but continued to be served by the same pastor. This arrangement continued until 1959 when Trinity called its own resident pastor and purchased a parsonage.

The educational unit was completed in 1967.

Trinity is grateful for its immigrant ancestors, its beginnings as a mission church and its partnership in the gospel of Jesus Christ. To God alone be the glory!